Freshly's Produce

Local produce is always the best and packed full of vitamins. You’ll find our produce aisles filled with plump juicy fruits and crisp vegetables of the season with loads of colorful, healthy choices. Our produce team is dedicated to finding the best, fresh produce for your kitchen on a daily basis.

CooKoo's fried chicken

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Daily Fresh Flowers

Brighten someone’s day with an arrangement of beautiful flowers from our Floral Shop. You’ll find bouquets and vase arrangements for every occasion. Help put happy in someone’s day today with flowers!

Coming Soon! From Farm to Your Table

One way we build strong communities is by partnering with local farmers for fresh, seasonal produce. Local farmers really care about growing the best vegetables, fruit and herbs. If you are a farmer in Monroe County and surrounding areas, we want to work with you!

Farm to table vegetables and eggs